Chicago Bulls Courtside Seats

Chicago Bulls courtside seats are closer to the NBA action than any seats in the United Center. The United Center seating chart shows that Bulls courtside seats provide some of the best views of basketball action of any arena in the NBA.
Chicago Bulls courtside seats are next to the floor and provide no barriers between the seat and the players on the floor. Bulls courtside seats are located along one sidelines and behind both baselines. The best Bulls courtside tickets are on the South sideline since they give a clear view of action on both sides of the floor. While the East and West courtside seats give terrific perspective for action closest to the immediate basket, it can be difficult to see the NBA activity on the far side of the floor.

See the Chicago Bulls seating chart and information on Bulls lower seats, Bulls club seats, and Bulls upper seats.

The best Chicago Bulls courtside tickets cost $800 each for a normal weekday game and as much as $3000 for a good weekend game against the top teams in the association. Chicago Bulls courtside tickets are amazingly popular and Bulls courtside seats are some of the best in all of basketball.

Chicago Bulls Courtside Seats at the United Center

photo: brentdpayne